Simone Mousset | The Passion of Andrea, or: How We Learned to Laugh with Our Monsters 2016
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The Passion of Andrea, or: How We Learned to Laugh with Our Monsters



Watch the trailer here


A piece reminiscent of a joke, a boxing ring, a conference, a monologue, a mini-ballet; where the words harmoniously combined with the performers’ movements swoop us up, restraining realism to celebrate the absurd.

Anna Chirescu, C’est comme ça qu’on danse / for full review


Three dancers who claim to be Andrea embark on a chaotic search for identity and peace, often finding themselves on the brink of loosing control of everything. They are searching for something to stabilise them – clutching at straws sometimes. And at each other. Who is the real Andrea?


The piece is inspired by feelings of insecurity in a world of increasing instability, where people are made anxious by their own restlessness, random competition, and the conflicts surrounding them.



Concept and direction: Simone Mousset

Mentor: Koen Augustijnen

Performed by and devised in collaboration with: Michele Meloni, Andrea Rama, Elisabeth Schilling


Developed during TalentLAB#16, Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg.