Simone Mousset | The Passion of Andrea 2 on residency tour
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The Passion of Andrea 2 on residency tour

This July The Passion of Andrea 2 is in residency at The Place London, Dance City Newcastle, and Wiesenburg Berlin. After a hot week on the top floor at The Place and reconnecting with the material, we met our costume designer Lydia Sonderegger at Dance City in Newcastle and put some wigs on. This week in Berlin we’re pretty excited about some sacks, while our one and only super producer Vasanthi Argouin is heading to Avignon to speak some French. Stay tuned! #thepassionofandrea2 #contemporarydance #london #newcastleupontyne #berlin #internationaladventuresofandrea #internationaladventuresofloneproducers  #ispeakfrench #wespeakfrench #theyspeakfrench

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