Simone Mousset | BAL: Pride & Disappointment 2021
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Collaboration, Research

BAL: Pride and Disappointment

  • Sharings: 25 & 27 June 2021, Escher Theater (LU)


Watch Teaser on vimeo


BAL: Pride and Disappointment is a collaboration with dance artist Lewys Holt and remained unfinished due to the pandemic. It was originally triggered by the impact of one of my previous works, BAL (2017), a danced documentary about a fictional national dance company:


BAL: Pride and Disappointment, as shown in June 2021, was somewhere between an ice-dancing routine and a weird dream, filled with flying cows, awe-inspiring horses, inter-dimensional pop stars, and two people trying to do something great.


Disappointed with their human existence, Lewys Holt and Simone Mousset embark on a series of efforts towards a sense of something that once was, but is no more. In the midst of folkloric imagery, they are dealing with each other’s positions and propositions, as they pursue a desire to transcend their human form through dance, imagination, and a new myth, designed specifically for the occasion.



Concept and performance: Lewys Holt, Simone Mousset

Sound: Lewys Holt, Alberto Ruiz Soler

Costume and stage: Lewys Holt, Simone Mousset, Melanie Planchard

Text: Lewys Holt, Simone Mousset

Artistic support: Inari Hulkkonen, Eleanor Sikorski

Initial research companion: Anne-Mareike Hess

Voice-over: Anne Klein

Lighting design: César Santos, Nicolas Tremblay

Production manager: Nicolas Tremblay

Producer: Vasanthi Argouin

Production: Simone Mousset Projects

Co-production: Escher Theater, Luxembourg

Logistical support: Abbaye de Neumünster