Simone Mousset | Calendar
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Upcoming Performances/Events:


  • 31.8.2018: Open Studio presentation of The Passion of Andrea 2 (wt) at the Tanzmesse Düsseldorf
  • 6.9.2018: Work in progress presentation of The Passion of Andrea 2 (wt) at Touch Wood, The Place, London
  • 3.11.2018: Work in progress presentation of The Passion of Andrea 2 (wt), Trois C-L Luxembourg
  • 3.12.2018: Sharing of research Dance & Plays with Larisa Faber at 3 du 3, Trois C-L Luxembourg
  • 31.8.2019: Presentation end of choreographic research residency Prototype VI at Royaumont (FR)
  • w/c 14.10.2019 (tbc): The Passion of Andrea 2 (wt), Festival Question de danse, KLAP Maison pour la Danse (FR)
  • 6.11. & 7.11.2019: The Passion of Andrea 2 (wt), Grand Théâtre du Luxembourg (LU)
  • 16.11.2019: The Passion of Andrea 2 (wt), CAPE (LU)



What’s going on:




September-November 2019: Creation and shows of The Passion of Andrea 2 (wt) (LU/FR)


13.8.-1.9.2019: Choreographic research lab Prototype VI, Royaumont (FR)


July 2019: Work periods for The Passion of Andrea 2 (wt) (UK)


19.4.-7.5.2019: Choreographic research lab Prototype VI, Royaumont (FR)




9.12.-20.12.2018: Choreographic research lab Prototype VI, Royaumont (FR)


5.12.-8.12.2018: Trip to Dubai as part of the World Exhibition 2020 artist collective Luxembourg


29.10.-3.11.2018: Residency The Passion of Andrea 2 (wt) at Grand Théâtre du Luxembourg (LU)


2.9.-6.9. & 17.9.-21.9 2018: Residencies The Passion of Andrea 2 (wt), as part of choreodrome at The Place, London


29.8.-1.9.2018: Internationale Tanzmesse Düsseldorf


30.7.-17.8.2018: Residency The Passion of Andrea 2 (wt) at Maison du Portugal André Gouveia, Paris


June 2018: Research residency Dance Plays with actress Larisa Faber (LU)


March 2018: Choreographer for creation Ecume des Jours, Théâtre National du Luxembourg


4.3.-14.3.2018: Choreographic research Lab / Carrefour artistique BOUGE at KLAP Maison pour la Danse, Marseilles


27.1.-5.2.2018: R&D for new creation The Passion of Andrea 2 (wt), Uferstudios, Berlin


January 2018: Choreographic coach for RTL TV Sitcom “Zëmmer ze verlounen”, Luxembourg




19.9.2017: Opening Ceremony Kulturhaus Käerjeng, choreographer (LU)


1.8.-15.9.2017: Residency at Uferstudios Berlin (GE)


24-25.5.2017: Workshop with Joe Moran, The Place (UK)


28.4.2017: BAL, TUFA Trier (GE)


25. & 26.4.2017: BAL, Mierscher Kulturhaus (LU)


3.4.2017: Preview of BAL, at 3 du 3, Trois C-L (LU)


30.1.-2.2.2017: Dramaturgy workshop with Thomas Schaupp


12.1.2017: Impressing the Grand Duke, The Place, festival Resolution, London


26.12.2016-11.1.2017: Winter residency and Open Rehearsal BAL, Mierscher Kulturhaus (LU)




19.-20.11.2016: Dramaturgy TEST Workshop with Martin Hargreaves, South East Dance (UK)


21-23.11.2016: Guest teacher at International Festival of Modern Choreography, Vitebsk, Belarus


3.10.-11.11.2016 and 24.11.-30.11.2016: Performer in Mood(s) by Anu Sistonen at the Theatre d’Esch and Grand Théâtre du Luxembourg (LU)


16-18.9.2016: Workshop with Annabel Arden, London


31.8.-3.9.2016: Internationale Tanzmesse Düsseldorf


27.7.-6.8.2016: Tanzwerkstatt Europe, workshops with Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaola and Matteo Fargion


23.5.-19.6. Residency TalentLAB#16 at Grand Théâtre du Luxembourg, mentor Koen Augustijnen, creation of The Passion of Andrea, or: How We Learned to Laugh with Our Monsters


27-30.4.2016: Performances of Impressing the Grand Duke, in collaboration with Elisabeth Schilling, Les Emergences, Trois C-L (LU)


11.4.2016: Preview performance of Impressing the Grand Duke, in collaboration with Elisabeth Schilling, at Cercle Cité (LU)


24.2.2016: Publication of Reinventing the Bicycle: The Perks and Perils of Teaching “Contemporary” Ballet, Focus on Education, Issue 14


20.1.2016: Their Past, The Place, festival Resolution, London


19.1.2016: Choreographic Workshop at the Royal Academy of Dance, London




Completion of MA at London Contemporary Dance School: Teaching ballet to contemporary dancers at conservatoire level: An exploration of its continuing relevance


26.12.2015: Guest teacher at the Novosibirsk State Ballet College, Russia


12.6.2015: Performer in H.E.R.O.E.S. by Hannah Ma Dance, Kunstakademie Trier (GE)


3.5.2015: Workshop with Krisjanis Sants, Latvian folk dance


23-26.4.2015: Performances of Their Past, Les Emergences, Trois C-L (LU)


15.4.2015: Preview of Their Past, Cercle Cité (LU)


16.3.-20.3.2015: Performer in R&D with Anu Sistonen, Beyond Movement




17.10.2014: Performer with Dance Theatre Luxembourg, Frauentanz at Théâtre d’Esch (LU)


11.-12.7.2014: Their Past (duet version), Festival Intertanzional Trier (GE)


4 & 7.6.2014: Performer with Dance Theatre Luxembourg, Frauentanz at Grand Théâtre du Luxembourg


20-22.3.2014: Performer with Anu Sistonen, Tone Hazard, Kinneksbond, opderschmelz (LU)


21.1.2014: Pierrot Lunaire (solo opera), Théâtre National du Luxembourg, Movement Coach




Caracalla Dance Theatre, Lebanon, company member




26 & 27.8.2012: Marks, Measures, Maps and Mind, Dog Kennel Hill Project, Performer (UK)


22-26.10.2012: Residency Tanzzentrale Nürnberg, Solo research Execution on Monday


HIKINAMI, The Place, MA Choreography showing, performer